The Marketing Bureau

Specialist Marketing & Communications Resourecs

Surgical and Psychiatry Registrars

For a number of years now, TMB has been involved in a highly specialised area of work where the concept of communications has been deployed in a fascinating way – the training of both surgical and psychiatry Registrars in presentation and communication skills specifically designed to equip them for their Fellowship Exams.

Beginning with psychiatry registrars working in the Waitemata Health District, we were briefed to develop and deliver a Programme that would contribute to a reversal of a very poor pass rate for these registrars in their RANZCP Fellowship Exams. Clinical Presentations and Consultancy Vivas are two vital elements of the Fellowship Exams and overall performance in these areas was historically poor. The Programme achieved  transformation of pass rates.

Subsequently, we have also been retained to develop and deliver a similar programme for Surgical Registrars sitting their RACS Fellowship Exams. The RACS pass rate for those attending the Programme is a little over 95%

The Programme deals with the entire issue of how candidates are perceived by their examiners and the extent to which this perception can be positively managed by the candidates themselves. Marketing, Personal Brands, Presentation Skills and Communications Skills are all concepts upon which the programme content draws.