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Philip Kotler said:

Marketing takes a day to learn
And a lifetime to master

But with several lifetimes of striving to master it, we think we’ve mostly cracked it.

We know marketing

So chat to us – we’re great listeners.

We can help make sure that your business or organisation, whatever its size or type, gets the very best out of the marketing concept

Because if it’s to do with Marketing, it’s to do with us.

Before dollars can hit the bottom line, they must first arrive on the top line
And there is only one place those dollars come from:


Our team are truly expert in everything to do with that reality.

So if you want to stem a decline, jump start a stall or accelerate a climb, you should talk to us.

From a complete marketing audit, sales and/or marketing strategy development and implementation assignment or, simply, a series of secret shopper exercises to test your offering from the customer perspective, we know marketing and we know how to make it work for our clients.

In short, we help business survive and thrive.

That’s what we do. That’s our bottom line.

The interventions we engage in to help businesses survive and thrive through the concept of marketing are wide, varied and driven by client needs. They include:


Specialist advice and expertise in any and all aspects of sales, marketing and communications planning, strategy, implementation and measurement

Training & Development

Bespoke training and development interventions in every area of sales, marketing and communications practice for staff and management at all levels including Executive Coaching for senior, one on one interventions

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Audit
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Market Sector Analysis
  • Marketing Systems Design
  • CRM Strategy & Development
  • Professional Services Marketing
  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Market Orientation
  • Service Sector Marketing
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Sales Promotion
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Event Management
  • Market Research
  • Product Launches
  • Public Relations
  • CRM
  • Marketing Training & Development
  • Marketing Skills (All Levels)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Media Skills
  • Crisis Communications Skills
  • Relationship Selling
  • Sales & Sales Management
  • Marketing for Non-Marketers
  • Customer Service (All Levels)
  • Market Orientation
  • Motivational Programmes
  • Retreats & Facilitation
  • Vision & Mission Development
  • Marketing Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Planning
  • Team Building
  • Management Meetings
  • Other Professional Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • KeyNote Speakers
  • One-on-One Executive Training

We've worked with business big and small, why not yours too?

  • Arthur Andersen
  • ACC
  • AgriQuality
  • AgResearch
  • Air New Zealand
  • Airwork Holdings
  • Artwear Logo Clothing
  • Allied Press (Otago Daily Times)
  • Auckland City
  • Auckland International Airport
  • AuCom Electronics
  • Bank Of New Zealand
  • Bankers Trust
  • Bay Milk Products
  • Bitumix (NZ) Ltd
  • BOC Gases New Zealand
  • Boots Pharmaceuticals
  • BOP Fertiliser
  • Camelot Marketing & Advertising
  • Carisbrook Stadium Trust
  • Car Pro Collision Repair Franchises
  • CD Marketing Communications
  • Coal Corporation
  • Coates (NZ)
  • Consultus
  • Data Doctors (NZ) Ltd
  • Dellacca Group (Postie. Postie Plus)
  • Golden Bay Cement
  • Grant Thornton
  • Grasmere Lodge
  • Guardian Assurance
  • Hopewell Hospice Services Inc.
  • Housing New Zealand
  • Intermilk
  • InterConnect (DataCom)
  • Lifetrak Thinking Services Ltd
  • Methanex
  • Mike Henry Insurance Ltd
  • Midland Regional Health Authority Ministry for the Environment
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
  • Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd
  • Methanex
  • Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Instrumentation
  • MANZ (Motel Association of New Zealand)
  • New Zealand Institute of Management
  • NZ Army
  • NZ Post
  • Obertech Group
  • Office of the Controller & Auditor General
  • Oracle
  • Otago Stadium
  • Pampered Properties
  • Peninsula Medical
  • Petrochem
  • Placemakers (Fletcher Building Products)
  • Qualmark
  • Sellwood Products
  • Selwyn College
  • Solid Energy
  • Sportswear Apparel
  • Stevens (Retail Homewares)
  • Tourism Industry Association
  • United Electricity
  • Urban Cafe
  • W. Stevenson & Sons
  • Waikato Crown Health Enterprise
  • Waitakere City
  • Waitemata Crown Health Enterprise
  • Westpark Distributors (Lil’ Orbit Franchises)
  • World Vision
  • XP Group (NZ) Ltd

What to do next?

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