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Marketing Too Important ....

....To be Left to the Marketing Department

By Brian H Meredith
From the NZBusiness Magazine"Marketing Maestro" Archive.
First published August 2004

Some years ago I was travelling around the world on a business trip which included visits to Europe, UK, US and Asia. My baggage failed to arrive with me on any sector on the trip except the last one – must surely be something of a record? Read more >>


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Got Any MMDs?

(First Published in NZ Business Magazine July 2003)

MMD stands for Mini Marketing Director and one sure-fire way to successful business is to fill all your management and staff positions with them. Read more >>

Nicole Williams commented on 31-May-2011 06:54 PM
Hi, You have some interesting articles on here, enjoy the humor added to illustrate your points. However I thought you may like some feedback on my journey to reaching this article: 1. I came to your website after reading the latest NZ Business mag 2.
When on your home page I was intrigued by your banner 3. I was intrigued by the question about Mini Marketing Directors and had to wait for the banners to scroll through to the one on MMDs. Adding the ability to fast forward or select the banner would have
handy (rather than making me wait 15 seconds for the banner to return). 4. Then when the banner returned it was pretty frustrating when only the small sign at the bottom was click-able - why is the whole banner not click-able? 5. Then the banner took me to
a generic page NOT the article on MMDs I was expecting 6. I had to read past the fold to get to "What to do" to the link to "Stories" 6. Even then it was not clear that this would take me to the article advertised on your homepage 7. After clicking on stories
I arrived at the start of your blog... 8. Still no mention of MMD - until I scrolled right down the page and saw it on the right hand column, hidden in the tags list 9. Finally I reached the desired article - 4 clicks after seeing it on your homepage. Although
this maybe a purposeful ploy so I would learn more about your company before getting to the goal - I found it annoying and difficult, and I didn't bother reading any other on the way. I guess the moral of my story is I am pretty stubborn, other visitors may
not jump through that many hoops. Although this seems negative I still stand by my comment that your writing is interesting and worth reading - may I also suggest you allow visitors to subscribe to your "stories" section - it's essentially a blog and I was
further surprised that this wasn't already built in! If you do add this let me know and I will subscribe. Kind Regards, Nicole

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