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Experiential Advertising This Christmas

by Claire Hutchings
First Published on

United Kingdom - I wrote a post recently on the iD Experiential blog about how many brands have been trying something a little different this Christmas to interact with consumers in the hope that they can build longer-term relationships with them.

Brands have been spending big bucks on their advertising and marketing campaigns at Christmas time for years. The influx of consumers buying gifts for loved ones means that competition is high and it has often been the advertisers with the (delete as appropriate) wittiest / most heart-warming / biggest media budgets that have won over the Christmas Consumer.

However this year it seems that many brands have taken a more experiential approach to their traditional seasonal marketing.

John Lewis’ Snowman tour has bought its now infamous Christmas Ad to life allowing shoppers to get their photo taken with the cute Snowman character on his journey around the UK. His location gets revealed daily on Twitter!

Meanwhile Marmite has bought in an experiential and digital element to their sponsorship of the Oxford St Christmas Lights. Consumers upload a photo of themselves via Facebook, the best of which feature on the lights themselves, turning the simple sponsorship deal into something far more immersive!

It seems perhaps that cash strapped Britain’s brand’s marketing budgets haven’t been entirely abolished by Scrooge-esque CFO’s. Instead maybe brands are beginning to wise up to the fact that in order to make sales at Christmas they need to do something more than just shove a pretty product picture under the nose of the consumers. By creating an immersive experience that connects with their target audience brands are seemingly able to get more reach and return on investment from their more traditional forms of marketing.

Long live experiential – after all it’s not just for Christmas! 


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