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Crisis Communications Training  

What would you do, or say, in the event of a major fire at your place of business?   Or in the event of a significant health scare?   Or employee fraud on a grand scale?   Or any other emergency in your business that you, or the media, would regard as a “Crisis”?  

The truth is that, for many organisations, the time that they first address these questions is when that Crisis actually happens.   And then, of course, it is too late

Now read on to find out how The Marketing Bureau can deliver the most effective Crisis Communications Training on the market.

To avoid the inevitable (and often very significant) damage that this can do to your organisation, the preparation and testing of a Crisis Communications Plan is vital.

To know who is charged with the responsibility of providing what information to what people, when, how and why is a basic precursor to the effective development of a Crisis Communications Plan that you can hope you will never need but can rest assured is there if you do.

This “Hands On” Workshop will help to equip you now for what may very well happen tomorrow. Working with well known television journalists and real television news crews, this Workshop will provide you with the skills, the tools and the confidence to get it right!

Who Is The Workshop Designed For?

This Workshop is designed for all managers and staff who are likely to have responsibility, of any kind, for the management and/or of any element or component of a “Crisis situation in your organisation.

From the Manager responsible for developing and preparing a Crisis Plan to the CEO who will be faced with fronting up to the Media, this Workshop will provide those personnel with the tools and skills necessary to manage and minimise the harmful effects of a Crisis situation through the planned use of effective Communications - both internally and externally.

What Is The Workshop’s Objective?

The overall Objective of the Workshop is to provide Participants with a clear understanding of  the dynamics of effective Communications under pressure and to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to diagnose their organisation’s  Crisis Communications “needs” and to develop, (and be prepared to implement), a Crisis Communications Plan that will meet those needs.

What Will The Outcomes Of The Workshop Be?

At the conclusion of this Workshop, Participants will be equipped with:

A complete understanding of, and acknowledgment of the need for, Crisis Communications Planning

An appreciation of the effects of not having a Crisis Communications Plan in the event of an emergency in their organisation

A clear set of guidelines and tools to enable them to set about the development, or refinement, of their Organisation’s Crisis Communications Plan

A working knowledge of the role and conduct of the Media in a variety of Crisis situations.

A practiced knowledge of Media Communications techniques in Crisis situations.

A practiced knowledge of Media Interview techniques in Crisis situations.

An appreciation of who the target audiences are, in the event of a Crisis situation, together with planning tools & techniques to address those target audiences.

A Template for the development, or refinement, and implementation of a Crisis Communications Plan for their own Organisations.

What Are The Main Headings Of The Workshop Content?

Subject to the customising needs of the Client organisation, the primary topics included in the Workshop will be:

What is A Crisis?

The 12 General Crisis Attributes

The 5 Psychological & Sociological Attributes Of

Observations On Crisis And The Human Reactions It

The 6 Types Of Crisis

The 4 Phases Of Crisis

Living Through A Crisis - A Psychological Perspective

The 3 Principal Problems Faced By Managers In A Crisis

Barbarians At The Gate? The Role Of The Media

Cave Creek - A Crisis Communications Case Study

How Does The Media Operate?

Reacting: What Not To Do

How Will The Media, Generally, Behave

Holding your Own On The Media Scene

The Crisis Communications Plan

The Communications Trap

Where Are The Workshops Held?

Workshops are held in venues of the Client’s choice with input from The Marketing Bureau. This allows the Client control over the costs and other elements related to environment etc.

How Long Does The Workshop Last?

The Workshop lasts for a full day, starting at 0830hrs and ending at 1800hrs.

Can We Book This Workshop With Confidence?

You certainly can.

The Marketing Bureau Ltd., offers its Clients an unconditional guarantee on all its Training Programmes.

If, for any reason, any Participant on a Programme is less than 100% satisfied with its outcomes for them, we will refund that Participant’s Course Fees immediately and without question.

And that’s a PROMISE!

What Is The Maximum Number Of Participants We Can Put Through A Workshop?

Each Workshop can accommodate a maximum of 5 Participants.

How Much Does A Workshop Cost?

The Workshop cost is available on request and is based either on a single workshop or may be discounted where more than one Workshop is conducted.



If you would like further information on our Crisis Communications Training Programmes,  please contact Brian H Meredith directly



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